Why Tailor Made?

There is no two persons physically alike, unlike there are twins. The shape of your body is unique and different from everyone. Off the peg clothing is a compromise to your personality, as it tries to fit you into a certain size. Unless you have the exactly the right build for each size, you will be perfectly fitted with off the peg readymade clothing. Its take just one inch to show a bad fit.

Why Tailor Made

With tailoring, every of your order is made according to your body. The cut of the fabric is built on you. By doing so, we are able to achieve the right fit of what you wear. The suit is made only for you. It will only fit you. It is as unique as you are.


Along with the right fit, you are given a choice. The choice to customize the design of your product. ow many times have you seen something you like in one item and another part of it in another item. With custom tailoring, you can get exactly what you want, along with the perfect fit for you.

At Indra Tailor, we have taken great care to understand and fulfill the needs of our customers. Indra Tailor has been operation since 1975 and over the years we have strive to improve the quality of our service.

We value our clients. We believe in a close relation with our clients. We are then able to get to know them and their personality. We are then able to assist in helping them find the right design. Every client will be provided with personal service from Mr. Montri or Mr. Anand themselves. Both of them have immense knowledge in the art of tailoring and will provide you with a very friendly service.


At Indra, we don’t compromise on quality. We do not believe in one time sale. Our business has been based on the foundation of repeat customers. We do not believe in low priced packages and providing a poor quality for it.


We do not believe in having a salesperson harass you and try to pull into the shop. You are free to window shop and step in for any information without being under obligation to make a purchase.

We proudly have what it takes to get you Dress for Success.